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The major power of a dissertation lies in the results of the paper, where you are required to prove your points and show it to the reader how well-versed you actually are about what you are writing. 

Here one needs to represent his/her argumentation that he/she puts forward in the entire paper. The individual must initiate with the preparation of basic things determining exactly what is needed in the chapter you are about to write. You need to recognize what you are looking for in this section and then discuss the discoveries that you have made in the research that you have conducted throughout the paper.

Writing Dissertation Results is a tough job owing to the following reasons:
  • The results should be interpreted and analyzed correctly
  • The conclusion needs to be deduced appropriately
  • Mistakes cannot be tolerated at all in this part of the paper.
  • Patience is a must from the writers end
  • Results that should be acquired are complex to get
  • You cannot manipulate the results in your favor in any way.

You need to begin with the introductory paragraph where you specify the criteria of the dissertation and lay out. It is best to frame the chapter thematically, following the format of the Literature Review, concentrating on the themes that arose unexpectedly during the fact-finding.

Expected results come in two ways: quantity and quality. The first of which encompasses statistical information, graphics and testing. To assess these results properly, it is best to follow the study question to compare with the suggested assignment.

Quality results act as a recap of the most valuable findings, giving a  breakdown of them. Start with individual view when evaluating, then shift to the ordinarily used topics. Your job is to pick up on the acumen of the data.

The dissertation results chapter should be proofread for grammar, content, spelling and any other common writing points, just like any other chapter of the dissertation. A common practice for an alert student is to have a neutral party proof their work. A fresh pair of eyes approach will often confirm an error that the student may have missed.