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Research Proposal

First step towards research proposal is the introduction, wherein you present your entire idea of the dissertation along with its future prospects and benefits in a nutshell. Do not mince with words or beat around the bush. Get to the point with a persuasive tone. Do not be opprobrious to an extent that the reader has to keep looking up references to get to the real purpose of your message.

State your concerns, and include all previous project works carried out by other researchers in the field. Give a brief sneak view into the facts, technical terms/jargons, and theories to state past beliefs and your counter-points to win over the confidence of the faculty of professors.

Keeping in view the most important parts of the proposal:
  • There should be an appropriate introduction which must include a brief summary of the significant issues raised in the dissertation. You must provide contextual references of the issues.
  • A statement of the problem discussed must be given. This statement will describe the subject and theme of the entire piece of work.
  • A literary review detailing the scope of your research and key conclusions.
  • Describe your methodology and your plan to carry it in a progressive manner.
  • Give a neat bibliography enlisting all the resources and materials used in the research.

A self explanatory title, related questions, an abstract explaining the hurdle and presenting the idea, methods sufficient enough to solve, appropriate calculations and correct measurements, analysis structure, firm and impressive analysis structure, schedule to be followed practically and designed research are some of the criterions on which your research proposal should revolve around.