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The credibility of your dissertation is highly dependent on how wisely you have written your dissertation discussion chapter. It comprises of the outcomes of your research, statistical evaluation of the interpreted data, problems that came across during research and suggestions for further research.

The dissertation discussion should be carried out in a well-built connection with your dissertation. It is important because it explains how your results impact your findings. In case you are went wrong in some pre-calculated outcomes; you have to supply specific causes and explanation for them.

The dissertation discussion should always reflect a impartial stance. You should not force your readers towards your side of the court; instead the discussion should be the justified interpretation of the results. The dissertation discussion part serves as the interpretation of the hypothesis of the project undertaken. This section helps your reader comprehend the real significance of the results!

Discussion is somewhat intrinsically linked with the results section since it is where you explain and analyze the entire dissertation. You must give an unbiased judgment of what you found and suggested into the entire thesis work. 

Every dissertation completes after three steps, coming up with an Idea, conducting a research and finally writing all the parts of the dissertation along with the dissertation discussion. Without conducting a healthy discussion the idea of your research and its results will run wild and it won’t be able to precipitate any fruitful response.