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The gist of the paper is basically in the abstract you write. If the abstract catches your reader’s eyes, there is a good chance the reader will go on reading the entire paper; it is the abstract that determines the future of your paper. 

This is why students get stressed out and worried while writing a good abstract. The entire ordeal can be hard for them because an abstract that is not well written will not encourage the reader to go forward at any cost. At this point you may want to know ‘who would write a good dissertation abstract for me?’ Well we would!

But first the following points must be considered while preparing an Abstract:
    A good abstract must be to the point and specific.  It should not be too long so that reader finds it boring. A two or two and a half page long abstract is considered to be good. If it is restricted to one page, all the better. 
    A good abstract must include all the important contents of the findings and research of the dissertation. Apart from that it must be framed correctly in a prescribed manner and should be concise as possible.
    Although it is important to include every matter of your research and findings in the abstract, one should try to restrict such contents which leaves a poor impression on the reader.
    While writing a good abstract, key terms must be underlined or highlighted and their meaning explained at the bottom of the page. This helps the reader to understand the abstract clearly.

If your abstract is not perfect, no matter how intriguing your entire paper is, it will over-shadow it. It will make your paper seem boring, disconnected and maybe even copied from elsewhere. When the abstract is not worth the reader’s attention then nothing that you write in the dissertation will help your case.