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Introduction Chapter

When you are done with your Dissertation abstract, the next step is to write an even better dissertation introduction. This section is the one that requires extra consideration and consumes more time. This is where the reader collects information regarding the topic that has been given to you or you have chosen.

This section curtails to your thesis statement and the difficult sentences are best injected here. Below are some tips to equip you in writing the introduction chapter of your dissertation:

What is a dissertation introduction chapter and what are its contents?
The first chapter of every dissertation starts with the introduction. The introduction chapter gives a brief summary of the whole dissertation and sets the stage for subsequent pages.

Firstly, it must be to the point, concise and short.  

Secondly, research and findings must be listed in a chronological order i.e. those research and findings which are done or implemented first must be shown on top of the contents.  

Thirdly, you should give a brief explanation of all your research and findings

Fourthly, the introduction chapter of your dissertation must include the following contents:
  • Problems of dissertation
  • Study of dissertation
  • Significance of your research and findings
  • Description of all dissertation chapters.