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At Nfojo Research, we offer the most comprehensive dissertation consulting and drafting support for both beginning and experienced researchers completing qualitative research. We even support researchers completing mixed-methods studies, particularly in the medical field, drawing on our dual experience with statistical and qualitative research.

If you’re completing qualitative research, we can absolutely help you finalize your methodology chapter–we can even help (using NVivo or any other qualitative analysis software) once you’ve completed your data collection. We’ll even remain with you for any revisions, to make sure you succeed.If you’re completing qualitative research, we can absolutely help you  by:      

Providing a detailed explanation of researcher’s research design

Explaining the selection of the chosen qualitative research approach

Incorporating references to established researchers and research methods to prove the credibility of the specific methodology

Discussing researcher’s target population and sampling strategy

Describing researcher’s process for recruiting participants as well as the optimal number to ensure a robust qualitative analysis

Explaining and justifying data collection methods during the interview process

Identifying the best qualitative analysis protocol for the study

Addressing potential limitations of the study, such as the assumptions as a researcher, and the credibility, confirmability, and replicability

We can assist you with data collection in the:

       Northern Belt (Upper West, Upper East, Savannah, North East & Northern)
       Western Belt (Central, Western, North Western)  
       Eastern Belt (Volta, Oti & Eastern)
       Middle Belt (Ashanti, Ahafo, Bono, Tano)
       Greater Accra Belt (Greater Accra)

In contrast to qualitative research, quantitative studies have predefined variables that determine the presence of relationships between and among those variables. In other words, they’re deductive, investigating “if” something already thought of is true. There are a couple of main strengths to a quantitative approach that we emphasize to our statistical consulting clients by:

Defining the researcher’s variables

Creation of research questions and testable hypotheses

Discussion of survey instrument or archival dataset

Laying out statistical analysis plan for the precise methods and tests that will be performed for the study

Validity and reliability of researcher’s constructs

Power analysis to determine the optimal/required sample size